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Earlier today, Daytime Royalty staff had the opportunity to talk to Casey Deidrick. We talked about his being a DiMera, his onscreen love Kate Mansi, and whether or not "Chill" will happen.

Deidrick’s onscreen alter ego Chad has gone through a lot since his debut in 2009. Deidrick tells us that even he did not know what to expect for Chad when he first started. “I thought Chad was going to be on for a little bit for Mia and the baby switch storyline.” Of course Mia, played by Taylor Spreitler, left the show last year and Chad is still around. Since that time, he’s gone from being Chad Peterson-Woods to Chad DiMera. “[When I started] I didn’t even really know what a DiMera was,” Deidrick laughs. “[Once Mia left], I didn’t really think there was a place in Salem for Chad. Gary Tomlin really fought for me and believed in me. He wanted me to stay and wanted me to become a part of the main family. So they made me a DiMera.”

Deidrick is enthusiastic as he tells us what it’s like to be a member of one of the show’s most infamous families. “I am so blessed that I’m a part of the family and working with Joe Mascolo (Stefano) and James Scott (E.J.) who’s been such and amazing mentor and friend to me.” Deidrick is particularly enthusiastic about his onscreen father. “Joe is a gentle giant. He may look mean and angry on camera, but off camera he’s the sweetest and gentlest man you’ll ever meet.”

Tomlin was among the casualties of the production reset that started in May. Deidrick tells us it was hard to see his character’s champion go. “I was heartbroken. He was definitely a mentor, and I definitely miss him. I wish him all the best and only good things for him.” Deidrick is quick to let us know that he enjoys working with Tomlin’s replacement as well. “I love what Noel (Maxam) is doing with the show. He’s doing a phenomenal job right now.”

The producers were not the only ones affected by the reset. As we’ve heard over and over since the beginning of the summer, the show’s stories and characters are all headed for some big changes. However, Deidrick’s character was mysteriously missing from the Fall Preview seen in this week’s Soap Opera Digest. Deidrick tells us Chad will definitely be a part of Days 2.0: “You can count on it.” In fact, Deidrick tells us he will even be working with some of the returnees. “Matthew Ashford is coming back, too, and that’s absolutely going to be a huge factor in who I’m working with. There’s also some other characters that have been on the show for a while that I’ll be working with as well. I’m not just in one group anymore. I’ve kind of branched out. That’s a good thing.”

Chad’s involvement with Ashford’s Jack obviously comes as a result of Chad’s relationship with Jack’s daughter Abigail, who is played by Kate Mansi. Deidrick has nothing but praise for his onscreen love. “We have a playful energy with each other. She’s absolutely a friend to me offscreen as well. I think that’s important when we’re filming. We’re comfortable with each other where we can test each other’s boundaries without interfering with each others’ personal space.” Deidrick tells us the main difference in working with Mansi as opposed to working with some of the other actresses he’s been paired with is the close age difference between Mansi and him. “I’m so glad that I actually get to work with a girl my age. Working with Taylor Spreitler, the age difference was kind of a factor for me. She was fifteen at the time and I was twenty-two.”

Chad actually has more than one vocal fanbase on Twitter and message boards. "Chill" (Chad and Will) actually took off before Abigail even returned to Salem. Deidrick laughs as he tells us how Chill began. “It’s so crazy because it kind of started as a joke between me and Chandler (Massey, Will). Then we kind of let it out there to the fans that if we were a couple we’d be called Chill, and then a lot of people started figuring out that Chad and Will kind of have an onscreen chemistry with one another.” Deidrick tells us that while the story does not seem to be headed in that direction right now, he would gladly be a part of a Chad/Will pairing. “It kind of blew up into this really big thing, and if the writers went in that direction, it’s something I’ve never done before, so I would welcome it with open arms.. Is it going to happen? I have no idea. Can it happen? Sure. Absolutely.”

If you follow Deidrick on Twitter where the Chill fanbase had its beginnings, you may have also seen a picture of him with former Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye at her book signing last night in LA. We were curious about his connection to Punky. “One of my really good friends was her publicist. She’s definitely a sweetheart and she’s so nice.”

Twitter is also where fans had the opportunity to witness Deidrick’s offscreen romance with Molly Burnett (Melanie) firsthand. There have been rumors floating around for a while that the two are back together, but when asked about it, Deidrick is hesitant to respond. “We want to keep it to ourselves because blowing it up so much in the media and on twitter kind of got in the way between things and kind of ruined things. We’re going to keep that between us.”

Finally, Deidrick gives us his thoughts on the reset. “Really exciting things are coming up in the next couple of months: old characters coming back, new writers, new sets. Everyone is really excited to be there, and the writers are writing such interesting and real stories. In the mean times, I think fans should just get excited about the new writers and everyone that’s coming back to the show. It’s going to be great.”
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