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Billy is in a prison in Burma. For what won't be revealed for a long time but it is supposed to be extremely serious. He's been there 6 days when Victor shows up and tells him about Delia. Billy is desperate to get back to try to save her and Victor can make that happen but with a catch. Billy can't get back with Victoria. Both men think they are doing what is best for their daughters and Billy agrees.

However back in GC Billy is now basically in Victor's prison. Victor doesn't want anyone to know Billy is back and once it is determined whether or not Billy can help Delia ( I would imagine without saying who it is) Victor wants to send Billy away for good. Billy has to try to stay in the shadows and just observe Victoria but the question is does the heart become stronger and does the heart win out. Victor knows this could destroy his shaky relationship with Victoria if she finds out and he knows Billy is a lose canon and could not stick to his rules. Victor is counting on the truth about what happened with Billy in Burma turning her against Billy if the truth comes out. Hamner says it will be a star-crossed lovers story with lots of near misses.

The only thing they say about what landed him in prison are Billy's feelings of guilt and a need to punish himself and he wound up in way over his head. It's supposed to be a very dark secret that would have serious consequences were it to come out.

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