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Sep 8 2011, 08:36 PM
Well, it sucks that Stephen Nichols being on Y&R would keep MBE from having a steady gig on Days when she deserves one. I guess there's nothing wrong with her being like this, as long as she's like officially on recurring status but comes and goes Doug and Julie style. But if people accepted Justin and Jennifer coming back sans Adrienne and Jack, couldn't they accept Kayla doing the same? At least in Kayla's case it would be because Stephen Nichols is not available.
I don't think people did accept it. At least they didn't accept the characters breaking up with their other halves. Note that Adrienne and Jack came/are coming back (thank the soap gods). I would love to see Steve too, but Kayla is a pleasant surprise. I'd rather she be involved in ways that don't require her to start telling us how Steve is a big jerk who decided to ditch her to pursue his dream of joining a rock band with his harmonica or something.

I do hope to see Kayla and Jack in scenes together again. They always brought it. I wonder if there's any chance the rape might actually be revisited? That would be gutsy.
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