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Sep 8 2011, 08:51 PM
Well, it sucks that Stephen Nichols being on Y&R would keep MBE from having a steady gig on Days when she deserves one. I guess there's nothing wrong with her being like this, as long as she's like officially on recurring status but comes and goes Doug and Julie style. But if people accepted Justin and Jennifer coming back sans Adrienne and Jack, couldn't they accept Kayla doing the same? At least in Kayla's case it would be because Stephen Nichols is not available.

:toetap: Now stop that! Don't you think I've been through enough hell as a Jack and Jennifer fan? I'm also an S&K fan, do you really want me to suffer through another round of "Steve doesn't care about me or our marriage anymore ... I haven't heard from him in months ... I think I'll just divorce him, it's no biggie since I've only loved him about 25 years and could never move on but I'll just dump him now ..." Cue Kayla's medical emergency and Dr. Jonas to the rescue which results in Kayla falling for Saint Daniel and Dr. Grabby Hands declaring Kayla his latest "true love." No thanks! I'm betting that MBE is just back for a short while like before. Guess we'll see.
Exactly. No thanks to another round of that. But it could very well be a short stint, kind of like we've seen recently with her, though I'd like her to be more involved (just not romantically with someone who isn't Steve).
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