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Sep 8 2011, 08:43 PM
Well, I love Mary Beth and I'm always glad to see her, so this is excellent news for me!

As far as breaking up Kayla and Steve...that one's harder. I love Steve and Kayla together and it would be hard for me to see them broken up. That's just honest. But a situation where Kayla gets to be in town and participate in some stories? That's right up my alley.

I'm just not sure on the explanation. I'm sure Jack and Jen fans understand the quandry. Happy on one end...to see a much loved character again, but not sure about how the story would be handled if the return was going to be a permanent thing.


I certainly do get that. But I know for me, as a Jack and Jennifer, is Matt Ashford had gotten a job on another soap after J&J left in 2006 and then Jennifer came on, I'd have less of an issue with them pairing Jennifer with someone else, because I'd know they can't pair her with Jack and it's not the show's fault. I thus would look at a new love interest for Jennifer in a different way and would be less resentful.

Frankly, I don't think it's that Kayla couldn't effectively be paired with someone else, I think it's that they've never honestly tried. I mean Jack was never supposed to be a real pairing, and Shane? Pshh, who were they kidding? And that's it! I'd like to see them attempt a pairing with someone else. But then again, I've always been someone who's thought the sum of Steve and Kayla was less than their parts. I like Steve, I like Kayla, but I'm meh on Steve-and-Kayla.
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