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I can't believe there isn't a thread about Frasier on this retro board. The Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and WE have marathons going on all the time. Last night I caught this one. It was absolutely hilllllllllarrrrrious.

Episode 5.09
Perspectives On Christmas

Episode Synopsis

Four stories are told from four perspectives as the Frasier clan prepares for Christmas. As each member of the family gets a massage they recount their frustrations:

Martin's story: Daphne and Frasier have both noticed Eddie expects to go into the Church when he goes for his walk, but Martin just shrugs it off as weird. However, he later admits to Frasier that he has been cast in the Church musical along with Eddie, but doesn't want Daphne to know or else she'll insist on coming. So Frasier and Niles help him to rehearse (unsuccessfully) at hitting his high notes.

Daphne's story: Daphne and Frasier have both noticed Eddie expects to go into the Church when he goes for his walk, but Martin just shrugs it off as weird. She believes that Martin has been going to the church because, like an Uncle she once had, he has only a short time to live. Unfortunately everything Martin says seems to confirm this until Daphne finally learns the truth at which point they are play fighting when Niles comes in, his suit ripped and he collapses on the floor.

Niles's story: Niles is trapped in an elevator with a Christmas tree and a group of rather unhelpful people to be trapped with in an emergency. The lift company informs them that if someone releases the manual switch on top of the lift, the doors will open. Having been forced to climb the tree in his expensive Italian suit, he presses the switch and everyone leaves the lift. Niles, though, fears the worst as the lift moves off again with him still on the top and arrives at Frasier's completely calm as Daphne and Martin are fighting. Roz then arrives and throws Frasier's present to the floor in disgust.

Roz's story: Roz is becoming self conscious about her pregnancy pounds, made worse by the fact that her mother is about to visit. When Frasier talks to Roz's mother, he tells her that she is a bit conscious of her pregnancy pounds. Roz then tells Frasier she is dreading telling her mother she is pregnant, but finds out that Frasier has already told her when she and Frasier are playing Santa Claus and Mrs Claus at the mall, making her storm off in disgust. She arrives at Frasier's and throws her present at him, but Frasier calms her down and invites her in. Everyone is depressed, and then in comes Martin saying the Christmas pageant was a disaster leading everyone to argue with each other. Finally Frasier says he is going to give everyone his gift - to tell each person what they mean to him. Everyone else thinks this is rubbish, so Frasier says he'll arrange massages for everyone
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