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Not that it means anything, coming from the mouth of Corday, but he did list Caroline in his interview. And unless we read that Patsy was also scheduled to return then I think there is not a death. And would they kill someone off before Christmas. I read how folks hated the depressing stuff which aired last year before Christmas. I would think a happy Christmas would be something DarMar (or is MarDar) would put out, they need to make the fans happy. Though I would not mind if she were killed off. Maggie and Victor seem to be much more interesting than Caroline and Victor have been. Though it would hit Sami hard, who will watch after her litter.

Of course were Dena around I am sure it would be a health issue, Doc Pervie would treat Kayla and dump Jennifer. Then there would be a cat fight over Doc Icky, and then Jennifer would turn to prostitution, and drugs.

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