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Sep 10 2011, 01:52 PM
It makes more sense to me, that if Caroline is ill (story) that Kayla would be her attending physician for hospice, or at home care.

Would LOVE for Kayla to be a Dr at the hospital, we have Dr Tan, and Lexie and we see no others, hear of no other Dr's onscreen or offscreen. I'm not asking for Greys Anatomy, or ER, but other specialists, and Dr's on canvas, either shown onscreen or their offscreen activities discussed, would be nice.

The hospital used to support stories so well. If they had something like a specialty care wing for something like cardiac care, cancer, transplantation, etc, they could have sub-stories that affect doctors or others in Salem's lives. Younger characters can have jobs at the hospital and be affected/shaped by what they see. Hospital fundraisers can be great social events, carnivals, dinners, dances, etc, and funding itself can be a part of stories.

It could also be something of an audience test area. If a character involved in a mini-story seems to strike a cord with the audience, they could be brought back for another story, see what develops. I think of the Roger Lombard story in 1992 that led to so many stories. I never thought a drunk driver story would go so many places or that I could ever end up liking the character. I certainly loved the Pit story.

I agree I wouldn't want the show to revolve around it, but it used to be a firmly established area of the show, and it seems to have fallen by the wayside since Tom died, only brought in when a story needs it, with minimal hospital interaction, social activity. Unless things have changed while I was away.
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