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Sep 12 2011, 12:05 PM
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I'ts probably just a fight between Rafe and Sami....lol...you know since they are so perfect that they don't have any when they do, it's monumental.
I guess it could be that too but would AS really have butterflies playing a scene like that? I am assuming the earlier tweets are for the same scenes. It would'nt be the first time for AS to play conflict or have a fight with a love interest for Sami and that's why I think it's something more profound like her finding Will kissing Sonny if they tape three months in advance they are moving really fast. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Sami has had breakups and I am sure AS wouldn't be nervous about that but a gay SL has never been done on DOOL. So that is why I am leaning towards it being about Will.
AS was also saying stuff similar to this when Safe married last year and Ej/Nicole walked in on them and took the kids....so yeah, it's something she would hype up I think. It could be Will but then it's strange that they held it up and there are barely signs now that something is up with him and Gabby....they are filming end of November now. I thought that they were going to play the part of Will being conflicted about his feelings longer....but who knows.
I think they can still play conflicted Will. Even if Sami for example sees something. She may question Will and he be in denial about it and saying he is comitted to and loves Gabi yadayada. The thing that also has me thinking it's about Will is LK saying she can't wait to see the scenes and I don't remember her saying that when SAFE were getting married in response to AS's nervousness then. JMO. We will see I guess but Will's SL will definately involve Kate too. OR it could be the Sami working SL something Kate is involved in being Madison's / Sami's competition.
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