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So, the ratings are in. 3 million viewers for this show and The Vampire Diaries. A success by the CW's standards.

I watched mainly for Shelley Hennig, since she's a Days alum. I was curious how she would pull off looking like a teenager and was pleasantly surprised. Minimal make-up and a modest hairstyle can do wonders. As for her performance, I was surprised by how lively she was. That was nice to see.

I'm gonna wait a while before judging the entire series. Pilots usually serve for a. introducing the characters and the premise of the show to the audience and b. letting the producers kniw what needs to improve. I'll take a look at a few more episodes and then decide. There is one thing I already like, though. The adults have a story. A real story, not the usual "we used to be together in high school, broke up and now years later are still in love with each other"-stuff we usually see on teen shows.
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