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Does Victor have an accomplice? He keeps talking to someone on the phone. The other day he was telling somebody that he found Billy and its not good. And then today he was reporting to someone on the phone. He said "we have a problem.." then he was talking to someone about Jack possibly locating him. It sounds like he is working w/ somebody. Somebody who does not want to see Victoria and Billy together. Who would be this cruel to work w/ Victor like this? It sounds like he has an accomplice. It would not be some lab technician this sounds like he is working w/ someone. He would not call a lab technician and say "I found Billy" and its not good. I hope he does have an accomplice so its not just "I hate victor this time..."

Having said that, I am disappointed in Victor. Billy has never done anything to him. Why would he risk an already fragile relationship w/ his daughter and his family? Nikki is going to be furious at him, but she will stand by him in the end, she always does. Billy is going to rebel you know he won't adhere to Victor's wishes he already has disobeyed his rules today. The whole town is going to hate Victor 4 this except for maybe Sharon and his accomplice. Who do you all think Victor is working with? Its not Jack, Nick would not be that cruel, Neither would Nikki. But you NEVER know.
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