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IA that the lead was bland. And hell yes, the bitchy one needs to turn it down. I kept flashing back to Passions because it was similar (Kay on Passions, Fay here). Frankly, Passions was better. They need to send these kids to the acting camp where all the VD kids went.

I was not a fan of the show. Didn't really get the whole concept of the circle, why they needed to tell her she's a witch, why they need a circle at all. I mean, she refused to join the circle and yet her mere presence amplified their powers (at least the wicked one's) enough to make that storm. So...why not just feed off her?

And I wouldn't worry about Diana being bland. It's pretty clear she'll flip out when her boyfriend and the new girl hook up. That's not a spoiler; that's what the pilot set up (Diana's dad is evil; the new girl's mom and boyfriend's dad were destined, or whatever).

I'll watch again, I'm sure. But yeah. Not a great start, imho.
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