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Sep 20 2011, 10:29 AM
I hope the professor is a totally new person in Salem. We need some fresh non-related characters. Think about it, if everyone in town in a Horton, Brady or Kiriakis, no one can date anyone. Blood lines are running very close together and mixed with most of everyone on DAYS right now
Is that really true? Say you brought in an Andrew Donovan or Rex Brady as the professor in the late 20s-40 bracket. Other than Sami and Carrie (who is in a relationship), who would that character be barred from dating? There is no blood ties to Nicole, Madison, or Melanie (assuming she remains in the older category). If Chloe returns or a non-related women is added, there would still be options. And if the professor is a male Horton or Kiriakis, there should be no blood ties at all to any of the characters in that age group.

As for a female character, what men are in that age group? Rafe, EJ, Brady, Daniel (well he is at the top-end of the group), Austin, and Quinn. Those characters have no blood ties to any Hortons or Kiriakisis, and Brady's ties to the Bradys are pretty distant. Since Carrie and Sami already are in that group, it could really use a female Horton. Sarah is the logical choice since she was around Carrie's age in canon and would be far preferable than the show adding another heretofore unknown Horton.

As for adding a Kiriakis as a professor, I'm not so sure about that. A new Kiriakis would have to be someone who emerges from the woodwork, some unknown relative that we never heard about before. The only other option would be for the professor to be one of Sonny's brothers, but that is problematic because: (1) the brothers are all pretty close in age; and (2) it would create the awkward situation of Sonny taking classes from his brother.
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