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It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now, to give it the perfect ending, was a little of the Ludwig Van.

I don't even remember the first girl, LoL. Was she the chick that couldn't stop talking?

Yeah that's her. Very annoying. And she had the nerve to ask if her singing was really that bad. LMAO!

The girl that sang 'Firework' (LoL, I'm not good at remembering names at all) wasn't good, IMO, but I really felt bad for her when she started crying. I thought the judges were going to change their minds and let her go through. Liked how Paula went up and gave her a hug!

I agree. I felt really bad for her too. It was sweet of Paula to go up there and hug her. She can always try again if she improves her vocals. :)
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