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Question: Iím wondering if thereís anything you can tell us about the new Showtime series Homeland. I just watched the pilot and I think its the best new show Iíve seen in a while. ĖCharley

Ausiello: You have very good taste, Charley. Iím three episodes in and itís by far my favorite new drama of the fall. It mixes the thrilling conspiracy-fueled intrigue of 24 with the methodically paced suspense of The Killing. And the performances are stunning. Claire Danes is sensational as a mentally unstable CIA agent ó a character Iím pretty sure will turn out to be the love child of Jack Bauer and Nurse Jackie. The real revelation, however, is VĎs Morena Baccarin as the deeply conflicted wife of a suspected terrorist (played by the also fantastic Damian Lewis). Itís hard to believe this is the same actress who last season devoured a 14-inch white rat.
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