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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

National Enquirer Spoilers

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•John wants a divorce.
•Dan shares with Victor that he’s scared he will lose Jennifer.
•Marlena demands to see Stefano.
•Bo and Hope see an email that Alice sent to her lawyer before she died regarding Maggie.

SOW Spoilers
-Austin and Carrie's marriage faces new stress.
-John tries to uncover who set him up.
-Sami and Rafe adapt to Sami's new job.

**UPDATED 10/1**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Monday ("Daniel Fights With Jack and Carrie Fights")
Daniel questions Jack's integrity; Sami tries to be a super mom.

Tuesday ("The Secrets of Alice's Past Grow Deeper")
John stuns Marlena when he asks her for a divorce; Abigail becomes angered when Jack tells her to end her relationship with Chad.

Wednesday ("Nate Berkus Guest-Stars")
EJ and Abe take part in a mayoral debate hosted by journalist Terri Seymour ('Extra')

Thursday ("EJ Wins the Debate")
Abe stands by his loyalty to John; Madison outsmarts Kate.

Friday ("Maggie Is Shocked to Be Connected to Alice's")
John thinks Stefano is framing him; Daniel fears Jennifer will give Jack another chance.

**UPDATED 10/4**

Spoilers For October 10-14

Fighting for your reputation.

Daniel shows up at Jennifer’s and discovers Jack has been staying there. Although he’s told about Jack being kidnapped, the doctor still holds the bearded one responsible for walking out on his family. Jenn breaks up the battle and asks the men to leave so she can figure things out. Meanwhile, Chad is trying to cheer Abby up. Jack discovers she’s dating a DiMera and shows up to put his foot down. She doesn’t appreciate him parenting only when it suits him. Dejected, he mopes off. Jenn finds him and he admits he’s been a lousy father. She assures him that not all DiMeras are evil. He asks if she could ever forgive him but Jenn doesn’t want to be rushed and needs more time. Jack promises that he’s changed. Later, Daniel goes to see Jenn to remind her that he still loves her. She has to admit that she’s conflicted and still has feelings for Jack.

Sami sleeps in and nearly misses work. She assures Rafe that she can handle it and has no problem spending less time with the kids. She’s miffed to learn that EJ is launching a class action suit against John. The tension gets thick for Austin and Carrie as they bicker about the case. Rafe suggests that Austin get away from it to save his marriage. John continues to insist he’s innocent, although his memories start telling a different story. He asks Marlena for a divorce to protect the family. She refuses to step away from him. Meanwhile, Austin unearths more evidence damning John. There are even photos showing him committing crimes but John insists that he’s being set up by Stefano. As the evidence against John continues to pile up, Marlena goes off to confront Stefano.

Bo and Hope meet Alice’s secret attorney, who hands them some of Alice’s less confidential papers. The cops decide that Alice must have been helping someone in need. They discover that Alice had been investigating Maggie and sent her a letter before she died. Since Maggie never received it, the cops begin searching for it. Meanwhile, Mel helps Maggie plan her wedding. The redhead has lunch with Victor to discuss the shindig and she admits that she misses all of her children.

Kate and Madison continue to battle for territory. Kate fumes when Madison rents space in the square and brings in Nate Berkus. She decides to steal Madison’s Japanese distribution deal but her rival is already one step ahead of her. Brady is impressed by how conniving Madison is. She makes it clear to him that she doesn’t fool around with her business partners, but then confuses things by getting a little too physically close to him.

Nicole gets Elvis a TV interview. He’s annoyed that it ends up including Abe. After lashing out at Nicole, he uses the interview to make his rival look bad. He paints Abe as an accomplice to John and Abe stands up for his friend. This leads to bad press for the mayor.


**UPDATED 10/8**

Spoilers October 10 to 14
-While helping plan Maggie and Victor's wedding, Melanie wonders if she'll ever find love again.
-Bo and Hope realize Gran must have been secretly helping someone.
-Jennifer finds a distraught Jack, who reveals Abigail disowned him.
-Kate informs Madison that she stole Mad World's Japanese distribution deal.
-DVR Alert: EJ blasts Nicole for setting up an interview with Terri Seymour that includes Abe.
-Kate's unaware that Madison fully expected her crafty business move.
-Maggie is shocked when Bo and Hope tell her she's connected to Alice's mysterious bank account.
-Austin and Carrie discover an incriminating photo of John.
-John swears someone is setting him up.
-Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion demanding to speak to Stefano.
-Bo and Hope search for a letter Alice wrote Maggie, knowing it could answer all their questions.
-DVR Alert: Daniel proclaims his love to Jennifer, who admits a part of her still loves Jack.

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