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Oct 3 2011, 12:10 AM

Come and join "The Rovers" - a fansite for DOOL's Arianne Zucker and Matthew Ashford! I know a lot of people have been commenting on having AZ and MA share more scenes - some have suggested having them work together at the Spectator, have them become friends or even having them as love interests! "The Rovers" welcomes any fan of Jack and Nicole - there's even sections for Jack/Jen, Brady/Nicole, EJ/Nicole, Eric/Nicole fans - so you don't have to want Jack/Nicole together romantically to join the site, we welcome fans of all corners. The concept of the site is reuniting any fans of MA/AZ, Jack and Nicole... and to rally support for both talented actors and awesome characters! So come and join us!

Oh and I realize the name might sound crazy as it's been used to describe hobos, but I do feel that it works based on the fact that a rover is one that wanders. In a deeper context, both Jack and Nicole have had to wander with their own identities and who they are. Neither are perfect, and have had to do lots of soul searching, so for that I find it fitting. I might be completely crazy though, hahaha!
Cool concept. Have Jack and Nicole ever shared scenes before?
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