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Sep 20 2011, 09:21 AM
loved DS's lily,she was awesome but i also love CK's lily.Both version of daily were on fire i just miss the good old days.
AGREED Taylor, Davetta really was AWESOME I don't share the same sentiment with you about CK however I'm glad Dru's daughter wasn't killed off after her demise so in that regard thankfully the character is still around. DS was one of the few things right-on-time for me during Lynn Latham tenure she & M.Graz had special SPARKLE! :wub:
Sadly towards the end according to Victoria Rowell Michael Graz was unkind to his co-star. :( SNIFF

LUV OR HATE VR she won't shutup :shutup: & will Tell'it her way. :lol:

Okay, this is a quick Soap Diva Bedtime Story, once upon a time there was an amazing pint-sized actress, Davetta Sherwood, beautiful as she…was sensitive...in other words a natural.
I began hearing rumblings abouther work & attitude and thought....here we go with the SMEAR campaign.

I NEVER had one bad day w/Davetta. She's young and was new 2daytime. She was proud 2be a part of Y&R and even had her grandmother visit.

If she needed to put more attention on her work she only had to be told once as far as I cld see.

My last day that fateful week wasa Thursday, and I'll never forget Davetta telling me how she was treated on the Y&R set Friday past.

On an active set with her family present, Davetta told me that Mr. Graziadei used the F-bomb...berating her. Iwas disgusted!

I asked if the stage manager & cast were there. She said, "Yes." WHY was this berating allowed & more importantly WHY was it not punished?

I think it was planned when I was nowhere around to defend Davetta she was to be SUCKER PUNCHED. A decision was made that Davetta had2 go.

Davetta was confident but not obnoxious. Sure of her heritage...all of it. She was delightful and eager tolearn but she didn't suffer fools.

It seems she had to defend herself more than once. Davetta Sherwood was railroaded, bamboozled, hoodwinked by ppl she trusted.

Davetta spoke up if circumstances were not up to snuff & Y&R just couldn't have TWO activists. Oh, no

So over the weekend I got a callfrom Lynn Marie Latham saying, "I didn't want you to be shocked on Mondaybut we've let Davetta go." WHAT!!

"Don't want me to be shocked on Monday?" How about PISSED! How about NO regard for an actor or the actor ensemble? How about plain RUDE?
How abt giving me the courtesy to discuss what REALLY went down and how I perceived how Davetta was being targeted by the usual suspects...
How she was accused of sleeping in her Y&R dressing room, BIG DEAL! Maybe she didn't have an apt. If Y&R took the time to hear her story...
You'll grill Davetta about nonsense but some soap stars have dressing room dalliances on a regular.
She deserved much better. There was nothing to be done. I found it interesting though how Crystal appeared out of the air on a Monday...
To her credit she was letter perfect with her lines. But I wondered just how long the scheme, cause that's what it was...had been hatching?
I wondered why Bryton (Devon) wasthe ONLY person on record who came to Davetta's defense the day Mike Grazaideigot in her grill.
She needed guidance NOT brutality. Respect, not 2be disparaged. African American & ALL monorities must demand this ongoing treatment STOP!"


Edit: to put source of quote

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