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I do. I'm enjoying it. It's got drama but a lot of funny with her trying to fit in and running into things that are every day to the people of the town but are totally new to her.

I think so too! At first I didnt know if I was going to like it or not. It seemed like all they were going to do was make fun of southerners but then the story picked up and I really enjoyed it! The twist with Harley really suprised me!

I loved the scene in the first ep where she's making out with her neighbor in his car and hits the horn with her ass. "I just played Dixie with my butt." LOL

That part was too funny! LOL

I thought 2nd episode was good too but was sad to see Mrs. H (Nancy Travis) go i thought she was a sweet character and really helped Zoe out alot. I am interested to see the history betweeen Lemon ane Levon too.
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