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NFL Overrun 20.9 million
Sunday Night Football 19.5 million
Football Night in America 15.4 million
60 Minutes 13.7 million
Football Night in America 10.4 million
The Good Wife 9.9 million
CSI: Miami 9.7 million
The Amazing Race 9.6 million
Desperate Housewives 8.5 million <------------- new series low
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 7.3 million
America's Funniest Home Videos 6.6 million
Pan Am 6.4 million
The X Factor (R) 3.0 million
The Cleveland Show (R) 2.2 million
The Cleveland Show (R) 1.5 million


Sunday Night Football 7.9
NFL Overrun 6.9
Football Night in America 6.0
Football Night in America 4.0
60 Minutes 3.6
The Amazing Race 2.7
Desperate Housewives 2.7 <----------- ties series low
The Good Wife 2.2
CSI: Miami 2.0
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2.0
Pan Am 1.9
America's Funniest Home Videos 1.4
The X Factor (R) 1.1
The Cleveland Show (R) 1.0
The Cleveland Show (R) 0.6
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