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After last night's ep, Levon and Lemon definitely had a thing in the past. I was lol at Lemon getting jealous over Dee Dee (or DiDi...or...well, did they ever solve that? lol) being interested in Levon and getting her a new job out of town then Levon finding out and turning the tables and getting her a job there in Blue Belle with none other than Lemon's finace. Yay for Levon!

I agree! Levon and Lemon definitely had a thing going not too long ago and she is so jealous of that Dee Dee (Di Di) lol I loved too that Levon went behind her back and undid what she was trying to do. That's going to get interesting! :lol:

I didn't see Brick softening coming, though. I was glad about it, it was time Zoe got a break, although it stinks that he took all the credit for the save.

I know i was so mad when he acted like she did nothing and he did all the work himself! I wanted to throw something at the Tv. lol I couldn't believe he was nice to her at the end of the episode either...but it was a breath of fresh air cause i was really starting to feel sorry for poor Zoe..haha. I hope that it wasn't just a one time thing and that he continues to give her a chance.

Gotta love Burt Reynolds! LOL!

Oh yeah gotta love em' that Gumbo didn't stand a chance against Burt! lol I thought it was sweet that Wade ended up saving the day but acted like he had nothing to do it. :)

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