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Oct 17 2011, 08:18 AM
I don't think you can judge the posters for speculating considering Kirsten Storm's partying past.
It wasn't the speculating that bothered me, Darra. I understand why people would speculate before the truth came out. I could also understand someone who knows nothing about the disease making ignorant remarks.

What bothered me were the catty comments made by some after her condition was revealed. It just seemed incredibly mean-spirited to me. Even after it was explained to these posters just how serious Endo can be, and that some women with Endo have to have hysterectomies and/or suffer constant pain, there were people who felt the need to belittle KS. Going so far as to suggest that Endo wasn't a big deal and she could work if she wanted to, that Endo couldn't possibly force someone to leave work.

There is no way for them to know that. None of us know - myself included - just how bad her case of Endo is. Each case is different. Some cases are mild and easily managed. Others are severe and the affects can be devastating. Since this is something I have personal experience with, I thought I should chime in both there - and here - to point out that Kirsten's claim is entirely possible. Endo really could incapacitate someone for months.

Perhaps, if I didn't have this illness myself, it wouldn't have hit a nerve, but I do, and knowing what she might be going through it upset me. I apologize if I was shrill.
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