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I never noticed it back when I was watching. You know when you get so accustomed to something you hardly ever notice.

Y&R to me was the best soap that showed the changes in weather and time. When they had scenes on the ranch they would show the ranch. They would show horses, you would hear the sounds of nature, and you knew the characters were on a ranch. Same thing goes if one of the characters were living in the city.

Y&R used a lot of natural light in their scenes. Or if it was raining you would hear and see the rain. The characters would be wet if they had been outside. If it was winter time and snowing. You would see the snow and they would even have snow storms and it all looked very realistic.

Everything now is so basic. I don't know if that is the budget or nobody caring about the details. The music on Y&R is so off nowadays. The songs never really fit the scenes and the timing is off.

Since the show is so depressing and dark. Y&R can't even use their classic music because it doesn't fit with this Y&R at all.

You will never hear music like this again on Y&R.

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