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Grandpa Hughes
Oct 18 2011, 12:17 PM
I'm really beginning to think this project may actually be GOOD! I hope so! I've missed the Ewing/Barnes feud!! Eric will probably be Cliff's son by Afton!
Hey :wave: PapaHugh<Miss Ya!

I'm hoping for the same outcome as well I've been hanging on Ms.Linda Gray every word in recent press and liking what she said to 'Digital Spy" about wanting her character to have a different dynamic other than just being a rich drunk.

"I think either they'd be partners in crime where they could do things together, not devious but maybe in a powerful way," she told Digital Spy. "A very powerful team. Not a romantic team, but maybe they could be a force for good or maybe they could help their son.


Oops: Edit forgot to put source of quote.
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