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Roger, do you know if they have the distribution rights ONLY to the 1979+ material on the soaps or if that's just where the consecutive runs begin that's necessary for the stripping of a series, which they seem to be doing internationally? Considering that it's seems like they're doing "Best Of" type sets only, consecutive runs of episodes wouldn't be needed and could jump around with what's available from the older material. I could see "ATWT VOL. 2: The Back & White Years", with odds-and-ends episode form the 1950s/1960s from the P&G vaults and then a "ATWT VOL. 3: The 1970s", etc. If they DO have the ability to dig into the P&G archives, I think a P&G sampler set full of miscellanious P&G soaps (Somerset! Lovers & Friends! For Richer, For Poorer! Our Private World!) would go over WELL with collectors. I'm just not sure how those rights & access issues work out. I hope this goes over well because I'd also love to see stuff come out for series like The Doctors, Love of Life, Santa Barbara, Capitol, etc. I'd buy Santa Barbara and Love of Life sets in a heartbeat.
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