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Oct 22 2011, 01:55 PM
Matt, when we first spoke they thought they had the rights to all of it, but only Sept. 1979 forwarded existed. They are looking into the older episodes. I've even spoken with some of the actors who have some episodes in storage that may not have ever been seen. So that's on the table for the future, just not sure what kind of rules places like the Paley Center might have on stuff donated to them. I would love to uncover some vintage episodes even they don't have.

Casey, I can't speak for them about profits. I do know this is the exact right company to do this type of thing because they do both the technical aspects (can digitize/encode, etc) and distribution. A lot of companies do one but not both. So being able to do both things with their resources would seem to make it cheaper, thus making profits easier to obtain. That's how I see it anyway. I would love for this to sell so much the demand for non-P&G soaps would grow. I know The Doctors has been in the works for about five years now and it's starting to move again.
I understand about the concerns Paley donated material might have (although I don't know the original source of some of the Paley material, whether it was donated by P&G itself or a 3rd party and how THAT might affect things). Just from some of the snippits of material that can be found on youtube (some in EXCELLENT condition), I have to wonder exactly what all is really out there and I have to suspect that some things long-though lost might actually exist (I've always been curious about that short-lived SFT theme between the classic original one and the 70s "We'll Search" theme, for example). I don't know whether you can speak on this (or if you even know), but is the company focused primarily on the P&G programs or are they looking to eventually expand into other series? Also, I haven't received my DVDs yet so I can't speak on the condition of the openings/closings, but I can understand about about sponsor plugs making it necessary to edit them. However, I don't know why certain ones needed to be pulled alltogether instead of having the sponsor part cut off (like they had to do with Edge and AW on the AOL episodes).
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