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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Oct 26 2011, 12:10 AM
I watched the first five episodes On Demand last night. I think I over-thought it a little bit because I wasn't as impressed by this show as the rest of you are. I did like it though. The overall plot is interesting, and I absolutely love Madeleine Stowe as Victoria. Lydia was great too, and I'm pissed that she's dead. The brothers who run the bar are boring as hell though, and I have absolutely no interest in Charlotte or any of her drama. Also, I'm not particularly crazy about Emily VanCamp, and I find that the show looks cheap at times with unnecessary CGI effects (Emily's front porch, Lydia falling, etc.). I'm going to keep watching though.
I'm enjoying the show just for the guilty pleasure of watching people get what's coming to them, and mostly for Madeleine's Victoria. I do agree with everything you just posted. I try not to over-think things and am just going with it, if I think too much about how she does what then it'll ruin it for me, lol.
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