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I thought it was good.

I was surprised Brian just expects to marry Zoey even with everything that's going on. Sara was surprised too...Zoey had no idea...and look who her father is...Jed Allan! Not only that, but he was bringing in the mail. I always hear that his old Days character, Don Craig once disappeared while checking the mail, so that was a nice bit of tongue in cheek humor.

Oh, and that moment between Mac and Christine? Crazy there. Crazy. Did she run Vivian down? Is she trying to make sure she's the sole focus of Mac's affections?

Jackie Zeman...southern belle...just shows up at Sara's to plan the wedding. On the DAY of the wedding? And since when does a mayor's wife moonlight as a wedding planner or whatever?

I saw that Paul Satterfield is now playing Lee Nelson...Seems like he and Mary Beth Evans have some good chemistry goin' there. They're trying to figure out what the HECK is going on around the Bay, LOL! They've got no clue about what Brian's thinking. They don't know WHERE Pete is. And no one knows that Marly...the daughter who's kinda tough on her mother...is actually indulging in an extramarital affair.

I enjoyed watching it...and there were no technical issues to point to that distracted from the action on screen...I love the new opening credits too.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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