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I loved the first episode of season 2.
Love the new theme music, its catchy and suits the show much better than the music from last season.

OMG, Don Craig brought in the mail, how awesome was that LOL.

I loved Jackie Zeman as Sophia, she brings such a wonderful bubbly energy to the role, loved the southern accent and then when she lowered her sunnies and totally checked out the hot wedding helpers I laughed, I think I am going to enjoy watching this character.

Loved the Lane DAvies and Sandra Dee Robinson scenes, intense, and they spark off each other. That Dr Christine is a little bit nutty and I wouldnt be surprised if she actually did have something to do with Vivians car accident.

The big shocker for me was Martha Madisons character Marly having an affair with the totally hot Manny played by Ignacio Serricchio. They have smoking hot chemistry and I cant wait to see how Sara reacts when she finds out her judgemental daughter who is always on her case is having an affair, maybe this is a chance for Sara and Marly to start to mend their differences. In any case its going to end badly for Marly she is already cut up about cheating on her hubby, but just cant seem to help herself.

Also liked the Sara and Lee scenes, Mary Beth EVans and PAul Satterfield are going to be great together, loved the tension when Lex (Tristian Rogers) spied them so close together. I wonder what it is that Lee has to tell SAra.

Cant wait for next week to find out what happens.

The show looks so good with all the location shots and is fresh and exciting, I prefer it to the network soaps I watch.
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