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Oct 28 2011, 03:09 PM
DAYS: Iraq was a hell of a lot worse, considering it was disgustingly offensive. Melaswen was just another dumb story, but not overtly harmful.
I disagree with that, because the stupid neverending kidnapping saga pushed me off the show for a good bit. And I could rant about it for pages but the bottom line for me is that besides containing some of the stupidest moments I've ever seen on the show, it revealed how cowardly TPTB were. If life-and-death stakes have absolutely no meaning, if everything can be reversed instantly, I'm not sure why I should bother investing my time.

And, they kept going with the damn life/death crap even after undermining it by revealing that everyone was alive on an island. That's beyond lame.

So that's what makes me agree that it's the worst. Death has been a joke on soaps for awhile. No need to rub it in your viewers faces the way they did, imho.
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