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This show is a freaking hot mess,and geting even messier...
Don't like Dayzee with Marcus that pairing makes me ill :puke:
Dayzee did a 180 and was with Marcus just days after her
break up with Thomas..This freaking show makes no sense..
Bell can write Marcus and Dayzee sleeping together,but never
not once did Thomas/Dayzee share a love scene nor has the
married couple justin/Donna have one..Bell sure puts it out there
when it comes to IR pairing on B&B he not letting them have
a real relationship in or out bed...

The steffy/liam/hope crap just get sicker and sicker,because
now they will throw her step brother in there for her to suck face
with..I guess if Thomas could not have Brooke in the sack he take her daughter
so she can learn to give it to a man..No wonder soaps are dying No romance,No real pairing,S/l don't make sense
No follow up to S/l,No true pairing to root for, No drama No adventure...B&B is headed for a a fall,because they rating are still terrible even with Jacob young begin back oh I forgot he not staying he leaving,because even he knows this show is about the same ole same with no progress in sight...
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