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I wish I knew there were people here discussing the show!!! I've been posting on TWoP and SON about my viewing, but nobody really responds. I watched the show on and off probably 2004 until the end, including pretty much the entire DirecTV run. I saw the Sci Fi episodes, but beyond that this is all new to me. I'm in heaven. I didn't realize just how traditional Passions was in the beginning. It's a regular soap structure with a variety of family and the only supernatural stuff is really focused on the Bennett family. Lots of diversity and the show has something for everyone. I also don't think the acting is as bad as I remembered (or how people make it out to be). In fact, overall I think their younger cast is one of the strongest assembled on soaps.

Right now I'm at work watching the week of November 8th 1999 and I have episodes through July 2000. I need to make another purchase soon. As a Y&R fan the pacing really doesn't bother me. This is one thing JER clearly learned from Bill Bell. Plus having watched the final years I know how long it'll take for these stories to wrap so I'm not stressing over it lol. Just watching and enjoying it. I first tried to watch Port Charles because I was looking to watch a soap complete from the beginning, but that was just terrible. Glad it worked out this way.

My favorite characters are Kay and Simone, so it's sad knowing both don't last longer. I remember HATING the second Simone, what little I saw of her. Something that DOES shock me is seeing Chad brought on as a potential love interest for Simone, yet I remember him as Whitney's man and Simone always trying to steal him away. I can't wait to see this develop. Also, unpopular opinion, but I prefer Charles Divins as Chad.
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