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TFP! Personally, I disagree about Melaswen being the number one soap blunder EVER! Surely, we've seen worse on daytime. I had to remind myself that Melaswen was a different story than the Salem Serial Killer. The Killer storyline was fantastic to me. I was freaked out, worried, mad, riveted, sad and couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I literally was on the edge of my seat! Then, it was all destroyed with what I WOULD call a massive blunder......the reveal that Marlena was the killer. I've always found that to be all wrong. For one, she was possessed and making her the killer was too much. Then, after realizing she was the killer, I knew we were about to go into looney tune land....and boy did we! I thought the killer should've been Teck,
or whatever his name was. While I didn't want all those characters to die, if you are going to Go There, then do it!

Now, I know Reilly had a different way this story was going to go.
He got permission to tell it and he did. Corday got worried cold feet way into it and demanded a different ending. Enter Melaswen (New Salem backwards)..... Marlena literally falls down a fucking rabbit hole and enters this island replica of Salem and the dead are being held hostage....all alive! Ok, I kind of give kudos to Reilly for coming up with any way to undo the story that played for nearly a year, a story initially approved and then had to change ASAP. Corday messed that story up! I would love to know what the original Salem Killer story Reilly had in mind was...from beginning to end. Had he told THAT story,we probably wouldn't have visited Melaswen......but we'd also have lost some major characters.....but that would have been riveting and it was for a while.

Melaswen's biggest failure was the length of the story. Once we landed on that island,it was a year or so before we got off. Wrong couples were trapped together in a desire to up the ante and it started to get a bit skeezy. I'm literally shocked they didn't have Jack and Cassie do the dirty deed! Lol. There were SO many times you thought they were going to all escape or be rescued but it just went on and on and on. Much like this post. Lol

Melaswen was a disaster in the end but I dont know that I fully blame Reilly for that. He came up with an emergency rewrite at, from what I've heard, the last minute and he tried to expand upon that story and it just didn't work at the end of the day. While it was a blunder, I still don't think it should be number one! I'd rather watch an hour of Melaswen than 3 seconds of Carrie and Mike flying on a fucking magic carpet.
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