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Oct 31 2011, 08:40 AM
Are you posting these Matt? I never got to watch these when AOL posted them. I'd love to see AW & Texas posted as well.

So what's up with this Paige chick. She annoys the fuck out of me. I love this Nola girl though.
It's not me (although I did manage to save a HUGE portion of them, including the AW, SFT, and Texas eps). This youtube channel seems to miss the next 6 episodes (where Logan/Raven, Miles/Nicole, and Elliot are at the resort), but I could swear I've got them somewhere. I'm going to look and if I do have them, I'll upload the missing eps in the sequence to youtube. I got really, REALLY hooked on Edge when it was on AOL.

Also, Paige was rather annoying because everyone was trying to help her and she seemed to refuse to want to be helped. For anyone curious, that's Margaret Colin playing Paige. She would later go on to ATWT as the original Margo Montgomery Hughes and would marry her co-star Justin Deas (ex-Tom, ATWT; ex-Buzz, GL; etc.) in real life.
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