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Nov 2 2011, 09:20 PM
You know? I keep reading where people here and elsewhere on other boards say, "I'll watch today, but not tomorrow." Or, "I won't watch any episode with so-and-so on, just the other couples I like." Well, if people keep just watching here and there, the show is bound for cancellation. Don't you people have ANY idea that you have to support the ENTIRE show to keep the ENTIRE show on the air?!?!?!?!? Days is the ENTIRE cast, not just your favorite couple or actor or story lines! GET REAL! If this show gets cancelled, there should not be any moaning and lamenting from any of the posters who watch, "only such and such episodes!!!"
when the show gets cancelled the person to blame will be Ken Corday, not me or anyone else on this board. If the entire show was watchable, I'd watch it but it ain't so I don't. I watch for John and Marlena and only for them. If they aren't on, I delete that show from my DVR unwatched. I don't have a nielson box so my viewing doesn't count toward the ratings anyway but if I did, i would still only watch on J&M days. I don't fault other people for doing the same with their favorites.
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