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Awh, Bope was great today. I loved all the references to their past, especially their weddings. They were sweet and emotional without veering into schmaltzy. Their private renewal was just perfect.

As to everything else... bleh. Can't care about the website story. And it's a shame because I think all these young guys are pretty likable. Like so many of the stories right now, it is completely lacking urgency and consequences. As far as I can tell, they could spend the next 3 months investigating this and, even then, I have no idea what the fallout is supposed to be.

I don't get Rafe's sudden ineptness. I appreciate MarDar trying to add layers to the character, but do they have to be inconsistent to do so? DH tried for years to make Rafe more interesting and looks like MarDar is going to give it everything they got too. My question is why bother? It's not like GG is a great actor, that Rafe is a historic character or that he is even essential to the canvas. Just don't see the point of the effort to make Rafe a better character, why not just dump him instead?

It's not that John's story is a bad concept, but it's taking forever to unfold. Again, there is absolutely no movement or urgency. I get the consequences are that John could go to jail, but they need to play out some interesting beats along the way to keep the story engaging. I feel like it's been nothing but filler and will continue to be filler until the trial.

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