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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

Considering I did'nt fall asleep, I guess I owe it to myself to give a recap :cheers:

Least favorite scenes

Will/Sonny/Chad- Three things that I hate about this story, let`s go down the list shall we? . 1. I can careless about Will, he is the most boring teen that ever hit Salem. 2. I like Sonny but his whole website is as as lame as they come, where is the progress in the story? NONE! ! 3. Chad is my favorite teen on the show, he is a DIMERA for crying out loud, why exactly is he in this story? Now that I got that out the way, the whole confrontation with the guy that suppoesely had something to do with his website was stupid. The only good part was when Chad told him do you know who I am? SHOWCASE THOSE GENES CHAD :rockon:

Satisfactory scenes

Bope- Although I am beyond tired of them renewing their wedding vows, I thought their scenes were bittersweet. I am just tired of them getting married, can the writers be original for once? I do love the remarks they made about each other, these two are a legendary couple. I loved when Bo said "I will fulfilled, because I could`nt pick a better partner, to spend my life with" , but I hope Hope meant that this was her favorite wedding, because they don`t need another wedding to strengthen their marriage. I also love how they said that opposite attract,when referring to Victor and Maggie, it is hard to believe Bo was a reckless kid growing up, but he got the sweet and innocent Hope.

John/Marlena/Carrie- I am glad that Carrie is back ( wow I did`nt just say that did I? :tounge: ). I believe I am only delighted because I want her to work after hours afters with a certain someone, I am sure you know who that is. It was great seeing her work in the case and how she is supportive over John being the victim. Did anyone else think that the Dimeras tampered with John memory? I did love the Robo John so I would love that twist but I don`t think that would explain what he is put on trail for? :shrug: I am not that familiar with his history, but judging. from what I read on here, he would never steal.

Rafe/Gabby- Rafe trying to be Mr. Mom, was lame but it was kinda funny how he burned up every thing. This bothers me a lil bit,because I thought he knew how to cook? I thought he cooked for Sami a few times, how does he almost burn the kitchen? Anyway, I thought their scenes were brief, but well deserved. I assume that it was Sami that Rafe was talking too? ( THANK GOD, she was not on the show today. I actually like Rafe when he is not with her :o . Gabby should have helped her brother (or at least figure out why her boyfriend would rather hang with the guys than her :doh: ), because today she seemed pointless and forgettable.

- I thought it was pretty predictable how Carrie just gave Rafe a job, it was so plot driven. John sensed that Sami doubt his inncence because Rafe did no immediately call Sami to tell him that he has found work again.

- I love how Marlena does not value her daughter opinion about John, I knew she would grow on me :D . Not impressed if the Dimeras turn out to be behind John`s trial, such a waste of a story.

- Rafe and Carrie were the highlight of the show Those two have some serious chemistry, Carrie looked like she was nervous when she was talking to Rafe. It seems like she was a bit too thankful that he is working with her, the whole giggling like he was her crush. Please writers I beg you pair them together, let them have some hot sex. Let them tear each other clothes off, and show them what others are missing. Whew, let it happen, writers, I beg you, I would be a huge fan of them individually! Rafe told Carrie about his disaster in the kitchen, and how he is grateful that he had a job.

It was a satisfactory show, nothing too great.

Overall grade-C

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