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Nov 3 2011, 02:13 PM
Everyone wants John's story to hurry up....good suspense is building up the story not hurrying to finish it. Back in the 80's (the best time of this soap imo) it would take 6 months for a story to clear up...For instance the prism storyline, started in June of 1984 and didn't finish until February of 1985! Granted the writing was phenominal back then and it could be again!
I'm down for a slow burn when I believe it's high stakes. Here...white collar criminal, I'm not so concerned. Maybe they should've left him in jail. I also feel like appropriate pacing would be a couple weeks of taunting viewers about the truth, followed by several months where we know and the characters have no idea.

You know? I keep reading where people here and elsewhere on other boards say, "I'll watch today, but not tomorrow." Or, "I won't watch any episode with so-and-so on, just the other couples I like." Well, if people keep just watching here and there, the show is bound for cancellation. Don't you people have ANY idea that you have to support the ENTIRE show to keep the ENTIRE show on the air?!?!?!?!? Days is the ENTIRE cast, not just your favorite couple or actor or story lines! GET REAL! If this show gets cancelled, there should not be any moaning and lamenting from any of the posters who watch, "only such and such episodes!!!"

If the show gets canceled because they can't draw viewers, that's their own fault. They only really have to produce about 36 minutes of story per episode. If they can't hold people's attention through all of that, that's also their fault.

But the thing about the boards- people identifying specifically what they like and don't, what they'll watch and won't, is a frickin' gift to the people who make this show. If they didn't film so far in advance, they could adapt accordingly and use the feedback to their advantage. So I'm a little bothered when people are chastised for not vowing to watch everything presented at all times, because I think this specific feedback could easily be used to get the show to a point where people are less apt to say "I'm not going to watch because..." JMHO of course.
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