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In an attempt to help John recover his memory of being in Paris, Marlena hypnotizes him. While he’s under, John makes a startling confession.

“John says that he killed a man, a French diplomat,” Drake Hogestyn (John) previews. “He put a bullet in his heart and then went and had a croissant.” Carrie insists that John is wrong, explaining that she saw the diplomat alive while she was in Europe. John becomes agitated and Marlena cuts the hypnosis session short. “There are areas in John’s brain that have been manipulated,” Hogestyn points out. “Obviously, information has been planted. It’s far too confusing. There is no easy answer.”

Later, at the townhouse, John is surprised by a visit from Brady, who is accompanied by Madison. “It’s an icebreaker,” notes Hogestyn. “Things have been written that indicate a back story between John and Brady [that was played off-screen]. I guess there was a pretty big divide between them. There was a miscommunication.”

The impromptu reunion bridges the gap between father and son. “There are things said between them that they’ve both been waiting to hear,” offers Hogestyn. “John tells Brady that he’s never been more proud of him than he is at this point, and that he should have stated that more often.”

Before John’s trial begins, he takes time to meet with his family at the Brady Pub. “John wanted to get the family together because it might be the last time that he sees them,” explains Hogestyn. Roman provides police protection. “John is ushered in through the back of the Brady Pub,” details the actor. Emotions heighten when Sami arrives through the front door with her children and Rafe. “Sami actually gives John a hug,” smiles Hogestyn. “John thanks her for bringing the grandchildren. It means the world for John to have everyone there. It’s a very warm moment.”

Unbeknownst to the group, a gunman hovers outside the pub. He takes aim at John and fires. Hogestyn describes, “In a heartbeat, all hell breaks loose.”

When the smoke clears, Johnny is missing.

Source: Rogue Ejami
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