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Marlena places John under hypnosis, hoping that she will uncover something about his memory of being in a Paris cafe. Drake Hogestyn previews, “It’s an interesting session. John remembers a day when he and Marlena renewed their wedding vows. Marlena asks, 'What else did you do?' and John answers, 'I killed a French diplomat. I put a bullet in his heart and then I had a croissant.'”

Carrie, who is present at the hypnosis session, protests that John is wrong and insists that she saw the diplomat alive when she was in Europe. John shows signs of frustration, and Marlena quickly ends the session. “They never get around to addressing if John was in Paris or at the clinic in Switzerland,” notes Hogestyn. “There are areas in John’s brain that have been manipulated and obviously, information has been planted for whatever reason.” John questions if his memories of making illegal transactions in Paris might be real. Seeing that her husband is in pain, Marlena comforts him.

Across town, Madison suggests that Brady set aside his anger over his father and visit him. She reasons that if John is found guilty, it could be Brady’s last chance to see him. Brady agrees and heads for the townhouse, with Madison by his side. John is pleased to see him. Hogestyn recounts that it’s an icebreaker. Things are said between them that they’ve both been waiting to hear. John tells Brady that he’s never been more proud of his son.

The next morning, John braces himself for court. With Roman providing police protection, John and Marlena stop by the Brady Pub, which is closed so that John can enjoy private time with his family before the trial begins. “John wants to get the family together at the Brady Pub because it might be the last time that he sees them," explains Hogestyn. "John thinks he’s safe being ushered in through the back way.”

John and Marlena thrilled when Sami walks through the front door with Rafe and her children. "Sami surprises John by giving him a hug," Hogestyn shares. “He thanks Sami for bringing the grandkids. It means the world for John to have everyone there.”

Outside the pub, the shadowy figure loads a rifle. He aims it at John and fires. “In a heartbeat, all hell breaks loose,” says Hogestyn. Everyone ducks for cover until the shooting stops. In the aftermath, Sami discovers that Johnny is missing…..

Source: Rogue Ejami
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