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I really wanted to attend this year but just can't fit it in my budget. Maybe next year! I would've really missed AZ and LK so I'm not too bummed.

I posted this in another thread but thought I could share it here as well. Before Day Of Days, there was the Days Of Our Lives Fan Club Luncheon. I lived in Alabama in 1997 and was a senior in high school. My dad offered me a trip of my choice as a graduation present. It could be anywhere in America. I was floored....there were so many options. As a member of the Days Fan Club, the choice wasn't a difficult one. I said, "What about California?". The trip was set. I even mentioned perhaps we stay at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, where I knew the fan club luncheon would take place. I ordered tickets to the luncheon with my own money and we flew out to good old Hollywood. My dad knew of my Days obsession and when I said, "Oh, by the way,we are going to meet the cast of Days Of Our lives tomorrow", he was impressed but greatly humored me. He didn't know ANY of these people. It was wonderful. It was held in the conference room of the hotel and people from all over the world attended. We, somehow, were at the front row of tables and they introduced the cast one by one to huge rounds of applause. Then we watched a video of the previous years highlights. Then there was a Q&A and other goodies. Now we were ready for the big event.......the stars of Days were ready to meet us and sign autographs. The first person I went to was Eileen Davidson. She was stunning and I was scared to death. I had on a name tag that said "My name is Jamie from Alabama".... Suddenly, I'm standing in front of my daytime hero, Eileen Davidson. We said hello and she signed a picture and all I could say was, "May I please shake your hand?". She says, "Sure.". We shook hands. It NEVER occurred to me to take a picture. GOD what a dork!!!
Then there was Alison Sweeney, eating grapes with a plastic spoon. I couldn't get over how many freckles she had. She didn't have a touch of makeup on and I remember that standing out to me.

Mark Valley was awesome. He wasn't Matthew Ashford, but I remember how sweet he was. He couldn't believe I came all the way from Alabama and was very gracious.

Tanya Boyd (Celeste) was a DOLL!!! She would hang out with fans as they waited in other lines and was just pure joy. She asked our opinions regarding story and asked if we were comfortable, needed anything, etc. She really amazed me.

Everyone was super sweet.......but Bryan Dattilo was obviously ready to go because by the time I got to him, you could tell he was over it. Whatever dude! That was fine because Lauren Koslow and Suzanne Rogers made up for it by being two of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. Total class acts.

The whole day was simply amazing and I'm recounting all of this to encourage you to go. If you EVER have the chance to do something like this, you won't regret it. While the whole cast doesn't seem able to attend this year, it will still be a moment in time you will never forget. I wish I could be there but I look forward to pictures and stories of this years Day Of Days. Oh and...um....to those of you going.....could ya slip in a word for me to Freddie Smith?? Maybe shake his hand, or something......anything! Lol. :)
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