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Nov 4 2011, 03:21 PM
Nov 4 2011, 02:38 PM
Is it me, or is it bad when the main characters are missing on the day that the show would be promoted most with the GA? JMO, but it doesn't bode well.
I mean... A) I don't know that I'd characterize LK as a "main" character, B) Despite her increased prominence in recent years Arianne Zucker isn't really considered one of the faces of Days by any means and C) Plenty of main characters remain - James, Peter, Missy, Matt, Drake and Deidre are all there for instance.

I'm not too worried about it. KA is never there and Ali is only not there because NBC apparently has something else they need her to do.
I consider all of them faces of Days. LK has been on for years, KA is one of the most recognized character on the show and goes hand in hand with Peter, as the two of them form one of the top supercouples of the show. AZ has been heavily casted in the last three years, and most certainly has become a "face of Days" to many people. She has a LOT of fans, myself included, both as an actress and the character she has developed in the past three years. Nicole has become an interesting, layered and a favorite charcter. I'd say that she has grown in leaps and bounds from the Nicole of the old Days.

I just think that the show is going through a "make it or break it" phase, and the show is in real danger of being cancelled, so a full cast support would be important this year since there has been so much hype about the "reset" and "new storylines".
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