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Nov 4 2011, 10:25 PM
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Is it me, or is it bad when the main characters are missing on the day that the show would be promoted most with the GA? JMO, but it doesn't bode well.
I mean... A) I don't know that I'd characterize LK as a "main" character, B) Despite her increased prominence in recent years Arianne Zucker isn't really considered one of the faces of Days by any means and C) Plenty of main characters remain - James, Peter, Missy, Matt, Drake and Deidre are all there for instance.

I'm not too worried about it. KA is never there and Ali is only not there because NBC apparently has something else they need her to do.
KA doesn't seem too fond of these things as I've heard she isn't always expected to attend. When I went in '97, she was there for the Q&A, but left ASAP afterward as the other actors were getting ready for the meet and greets. I saw her but couldn't meet her. Christie Clark was also there and left after the Q&A. I suppose a lot of it is scheduling, etc....who knows
Kristian isn't fond of what? doing events and meeting her fans?
I didn't mean to imply KA isn't fond of meeting her fans. I've seen where she's been to numerous events and holds her own events while promoting her jewelry line. I shouldve said "didn't seem fond" as I was recounting my own experience. She actually seemed quite nervous which was interesting. I can't single her out, Christie Clark seemed nervous too and didn't stay for the Meet and Greet either. I love KA...just putting that out there as well. Lol.

Schedules conflict as we all know. It's hard to plan to be at a certain place a full year in advance because you never know what the heck will be going on in your life or in your career on that specific day. It would be disappointing to make that trip and not meet your favorites and AZ and LK are two of mine but like others have said, there are plenty more folks to meet. I just hope it's a good turnout and a great safe time for all.
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