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Nov 4 2011, 03:51 PM
There seems like there is something off about this year's event. It doesn't seem as hyped up as it has in the past and more cast members are having scheduling issues than usual. I don't know. The whole thing seems alot more disorganized this year. For instance, AZ wasn't coming initially and then said she was and now she isn't. This event was said by the Days of our Lives Twitter to be an NBC event yet NBC pulls AS away a day before it's to happen. I wonder if maybe the marketing people were so focused on the relaunch that everything else fell by the wayside and they didn't do as good of a job as usual in terms of making sure those who aren't coming would actually show up.

The whole thing seems forced this year when usually the cast and show are shouting from the rooftops about it. I mean, I even forgot it was tomorrow until I saw this thread LOL.
I agree that the event has certainly been downplayed this year. Four of Days biggest female actors not attending? That is a shame. I realize it can be a matter of scheduling, but isn't this event scheduled for the same weekend every year? It would seem to me if it is an important event for the show and the GA to attend, then it would be expected that the cast attend unless something very last minute comes up. It is one of the few free events that the GA can attend which in this economy, is certainly nice to have. I am sure there are quite a few fans that are disappointed that they made arrangements to be there and these four stars won't be attending.

IMO, the event isn't all that important to tptb or they wouldn't have pulled AS at the last minute. There maybe a lot of hate for her on this board, but generally speaking, she is a popular, well-liked figure on the show.

Also disappointed to hear that they weren't streaming the event live this year. For many of us who live thousands of miles away, it was a way for us to join in the event and support the show.
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