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Nov 6 2011, 10:35 PM
I'm still fairly new to the board and have quickly become an ADDICT. But I've had some difficulty when using my iPad. When reading posts from my iPad, the solid blue banner on the right sometimes moves over the left to cover the words. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty? And is there anything I can do to correct the problem?
I have that problem too. It only seems to be a problem when I'm using the theme Corporate, though. There's like this blue block that covers the right part of the posts. I have that problem when I'm using an iPad or laptop, but it's not a problem when I view the board on an iPhone (I only view the board as a Guest when I'm using an iPhone, simply because it takes too long for me to log in.). It's also don't think it's a problem with the browser, because I've tried it on all the browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. I think the problem is with the theme when you're logged on, because I tried viewing the board as a Guest on the iPad and laptop, and it works fine.

Here's a screenshot of it, BTW:

I put it in a spoiler tag so it won't stretch the page.
Spoiler: click to toggle

See how the block is covering the right side of the post? You can't scroll right, either. IDK, it's weird. I *think* this is the same problem Happy is talking about. I don't mind if y'all can't fix it. I prefer the theme Spring Into Summer anyway, but I've only changed it up because... well, it's not really summer anymore, LOL. :P
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