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I remember back in 1999 when I would watch B&B and my Mom and her sisters would say. "OMG remember back in the first few years when so and so did this and that". I was getting sick of hearing that so I wanted to watch a soap from the very beginning. And along came Passions...Man was I in for a treat.

I had to stop after Sheridan's upteenth death. I also didn't like that a day in Passions lasted a few weeks. It was like they were taking the same episode and just changing some words around and repeating it daily(i.e. reveal episodes). "Sam will know the truth...next day..I will tell Sam the truth and the following day Sam is going to find out TODAY" It was just getting on my nerves.

I think the one thing that also got to me was when Charity was poisoned and she was cupping her stomach and immediately Miguel asks. "Charity, are you ok? you are acting like you've been poisoned" WTF? Nobody had a stomach ache in Harmony ever before? I liked Jesse when he was on DH, but in Passion's early days I couldn't FF fast enough through his scenes.

Needless to say I stopped watching right after Timmy died.
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