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Thanks for posting the promo.
I wonder what this secret of Alice's is that involves Stefano?
I hope it isn't a stupid secret like the secret about Maggie's eggs being implanted in someone else and Daniel being Maggie's son and Melanie Maggie's grandaughter.
I don't want these writers trashing Alice or the Hortons any more!
I wish they hadn't have involved Alice in Maggie's egg fiasco. That whole sl is ridiculous!
And Sami sleeping around again? Can't these writers come up with something better?
And Bo and Hope being detectives all the time is getting boring. The writers need to give them more romance!
We hardly ever see them together outside detective mode! I'd like to see more of Bope with Ciara.
They need to bring back Bope's house! When was the last time we saw Bope in their house?
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