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I'm watching this show, its really gripping. I think the plot is fairly linear and don't expect any shocks or twists. For me, the attraction is the complexity of the characters who are fuzzy around the edges - How far has Brody been turned and what lengths will he go to to hide it until he doesn't have to? Just how unhinged is Carrie and what exactly won't she do to prove her case? etc.

None of that matters though, because I'm convinced Brody isn't the mole. I think it's Saul.

If Saul was the mole, surely he would be more supportive in Carrie's endeavours to prove it? It would be much easier for Saul to deflect attention to Brody if Saul was in fact the mole. But he only begrudgingly supports Carrie after she nags him to infinity and even then he often shoots her down. Or is that too obvious?

I do think there is more to Saul than has been revealed. He could be a mole/traitor as well, but I think Brody is most definitely.
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