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Nov 9 2011, 09:59 PM
Bill if your son was sexually frustrated, with all your money, you could have hired him a hooker to relieve his frustration.
This part is so true. Really, if Bill was too cheap to shell out for a hooker, couldn't he at least have given Jr. a copy of playboy? The sexual frustration s/l was such bs.

Well Thank God for clearing that issue up with me :hail: its not MAB writing for Bold and Beautiful, but her brother.
No, sadly for Y&R fans, Brad Bell isn't MAB brother, he's her HUSBAND. Which means that we will never see MAB leave Y&R, because I doubt Brad is going to fire his own wife.

Of these spoilers I want to see Jackie team up with Dollar Bill and the crew and go after Forrester with guns a blazing thanks Android :D
That would be so great, Fafo. :cheer:
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