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Nov 4 2011, 06:45 PM
Oct 27 2011, 03:13 PM
Hopefully we can start a new topic since it is a new season. :)


I hope people who weren't sure about it last year give it a chance this season. Everything is so much better production wise. It looks better, feels better, and the season premier sets up some compelling storylines.
So far, season two has been great! I wasn't all that into it in season one, which I thought was all over the place--only really watched for Matt and Mary Beth. But now that the pace is in check and the storylines are more focused, I've found myself really into it!
Me too. I wish everything was just a little less interconnected and more natural, but otherwise I'm really enjoying it. Maybe it's just my attention span, but at the moment I find it much easier to watch and care about a 10 minute a week show than 5 hours. :laugh: There's much less opportunity for things to grate or get in the way of the things that you do enjoy, and more time to anticipate.

Serrichio is a great addition. I love the cast, but some more eye candy in his age range was a must. :wub:
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